When Bloggers Meet – Blog Camp Mumbai Jan 09


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17th Jan was a special day. Not everyday you get to meet dozens of the same breed seated together 😛 . A little nervous initially, being my first outing to such an event. But once I reached there things turned out to be so cool. Yeah when bloggers meet

I need to mention here that Microsoft was more than just generous to give us a great venue (-cameras) at their Kalina base (thx @hardik). Add to that super fast WiFi and all the geeky infrastructure you can ask for. The event was sponsored by iBibo Blogs.

So what really happens in a Blog Camp? Bloggers from all over the city  meet up and share their vision, experiences and more. The camp is open for anyone to take a small session and speak about anything they wish to.  The entire day is a open discussion. So no formal presentations, no boring lectures and yeah not to forget loads of Coffee, Tea and Pizzas.

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There are no Failures, Its just Feedback – (Failure IS an option)

I came across this post today by Jeremyliew “Failure IS an Option” –

The great thing about Silicon Valley has been the entrepreneurial culture, and the acceptance that working for a failed startup is not necessarily a judgement on your character or your ability. But recently there seems to have been a change in attitudes at least amongst some people (trolls?) who are taking joy in the misfortune of others. When a startup closes down, founder’s dreams die. Employees find themselves looking for work, and at least for a period, worrying about paying their bills and supporting their families. This should never be a cause for celebration. [Read Full]

As I always say (Yes Ariginals) – Entrepreneurs are the riders of storm, they venture out in troubled waters …! For any entrepreneur who feels insecured about their ventures these words should set the record straight for you. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN TRYING!! Atleast you are giving it a shot – Follow your heart, do it, and if it doesn’t work, accept it without any shame.

Nischay Blood donation camp concluded and My myth broken…


First of all, Swatantra divas ki subhkamnae – Jai Hind. Nischay just completed its Blood Donation Drive at Goregaon and this event refreshed my memories of event mgmt.

For some reason today morning I had a bad feeling, its the same feeling I had while entering the examination hall in school days when I wasn’t fully prepared. It was OK then, but here at Nischay this is a really sad feeling to have – We hadn’t had enough time to prepare and promote the event and add to that the rains over the past week. Also the fact that Nischay team not being at full strength (though there was no shortage of volunteers); just to be sure we I had been requesting friends to come over to join us. Certainly a wrong approach! The strength is Nischay is its members, and they have come and joined us all out of their own WILL, they all have that push from within thus are self motivated! They don’t need to be forced into a event, we are a family…!

We collected over 18 ltrs of blood, and I finally managed to donate blood for the first time. Though a little nervous, but I was up and running around within minutes – Much faster than expected. All Nischay members donated blood as well.

One thing we are proud of is that, We managed to get a lot of ‘FIRST TIME DONORS’. Right when the event was planned, the vision Nischay has was to Encourage youngsters to donate (Mostly the ones who have just turned 18, or the ones who haven’t had the opportunity before). And this is v frankly, a difficult task! Many of them fear Blood Donation (Y? i dunno), yet we managed to complete our target assured to the Blood Bank (Meenatai Thacakerey Blood Bank, Goregaon).

One thing I am extremely DISAPPOINTED about was the fact that none of my friends turned up. I was expecting as many as 12 of them! So while most Nischay members had tonnes of friends showing up to support the cause, I felt kinda alone (probably more to do with with my Main Aisa Hi Hu factor)… But its great to be here at Nischay and I have been lucky to make some really dedicated and honest friends here.

The day started with V heavy rains early morning and Myself, Sachin and Avinash were delayed a little. But yet we all managed to reach well before 8Am (the reporting time for all members), though we had planned to meet at 7.15Am to be better prepared… as it is none of us get sleep that easy on the eve of any event. Its a lot of hard work, takes a lot of sacrifices and frankly is a TASK for Dedicated and committed people.

Another of my MYTH’s was broken and I turned out to be a B+  bood group instead of B- (negative). Disappointed again! If you are asking y? then I should inform you that B+ is probably the most common blood group while B- is one of the RAREST. I was hoping to contribute to the RARE groups…!

On a very personal note, I am getting back to work after a long break and this time things are worse to start with than every before. I have just taken over a old family company (Kratee E-commerce and Consulting Ltd) as the Director of E-commerce and tough times lie ahead. Certainly the time which would decide if I make a career out of my passion (internet and technology) or its a Failure after 6.5 years of involvement.

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Nischay is a group of youngsters in Mumbai who are committed to investing their free time “For a cause”. So be it, a entertainment program for mentally challenged kids, a day at an old age home or blood donation. We are here to make a difference. The groups is funded by the members itself by. If you would like to join Nischay, feel free to call / sms / email me.