Made a WindSurfer!

I would be home in December recovering from an Ligament tear (ankle), and so I got loads of free time to play around. And here is one of the geek stuff I made … A WiFi range booster that works GR8!

Now I can confidently roam around anywhere in my house enjoying the convenience of WiFi. Anyone looking for a similar solution? Well I might get the tutorial on OnlyGizmos or I might even make one for you 😉 – Just give me a buzz!

Moon, Venus, Jupiter caught on Camera

Ok, Not everyday do I get an opportunity to nourish the amature photographer in me. And here today I had the opportunity to click a few amazing shots as Venus, Jupiter, Moon appeared in conjunction tonight. The same was visible for just 2 hours and I managed to make the most out of the last 20 mins. The photos are downstairs.

(Photography by Annkur & Dhiren)

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CAT 2008 – My Attempt

Guyz Management Paradise has the exclusive rights to my CAT 2008 experience. Read here

Some comments on my experience:

  • ppl who take cat seriously are going to have a heart attack
  • there should be a disclaimer.. not for faint hearts LOL

Some hi-tech Pranks :)

Geek pranks are nasty and here are a few simple ones:

1. Old is gold ‘Disappearing Desktop’: This ones is tried and tested, though many know abou this one, its still good for many. Here is how we go about it; minimize all windows on the desktop and ht ‘Print Screen – PrtScn’. Now save this desktop image (maybe after pasting it in paint) and set it as the desktop background. Now hide all desktop icons (put them in some folder) and watch the unsuspecting user trying to click non existent icons. A good variation is to leave open a Notepad file on the right end of the desktop before taking the screenshot. This will make the person go crazy trying to close a non existent notepad.

2. Extra mouse: So planning to be a little naughty @ your office? You can really make life hell for your co-workers.  Just plug a second USB mouse to your co-workers system and pull it at your end. Now ocassionally control his mouse (probably when he is not doing something / or even when he is doing something) and launch random applications. Would be really fun seeing him figure out how the mouse is behaving on its own…

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Nischay Blood Donation Camp 15th August 2008

An email I forwarded to all my friend! In case you missed it, here it is again.


Our NGO Nischay is organizing a Blood Donation Camp on 15th August at Bangur Nagar, Goregaon (Near Inorbit).

I would request everyone to come forward and Donate Blood. No matter what your feel about it, maybe fear it?, Or just don’t believe in it. I would only request you to be there! Come with your friends and family – and I am sure after you so many like you with that Faith and Spark to make a difference, your would feel the push from within….

Hope to see your on the 15th August. Lets make this independence day a memorable one. This message would do better with a little forward click from you. Cheers

The event is organized in association with Bharat Vikas Parishad and the Blood is being collected by Meenatai Thakrey Blood Bank. The arrangement is of the best standard with proper care for hygeine and adhering to the strictest norms.

For any more details please feel free to contact me on ankur at or call / sms  982-1333-316.

About Nischay:

Nischay is a group of youngsters in Mumbai who are committed to investing their free time “For a cause”. So be it, a entertainment program for mentally challenged kids, a day at an old age home or blood donation. We are here to make a difference. The groups is funded by the members itself by. If you would like to join Nischay, feel free to call / sms / email me.

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