BPL is cheating me, when will these telecos get honest

I often receive messages from BPL saying that YOu have got Missed call(s). Send GET to xyz no to get the nos.

This happened even if I didnt switch off my cell, Today for some stupid reason i decided to give it a try. I smsed to that number to see who was finding me unreachable. And to my surprise I received a message “Dear subscriber You do not have any missed call”

huh, So as my inbox now appears,

11:05PM – You have a missed call. Sms to xyz no to get details.

11:06PM – Reply:  Dear Subscriber you have no missed call

The values that I followed!

My Values (borrowed from the eBay community):

1. We believe people are basically good

2. We believe everyone has something to contribute

3. We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people

4. We recognise and respect everyone as a unique individual

5. We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated.

2/Sept/2012: In my original post in 2008 I was unsure if these were the values I follow anymore. Today I am no more in doubt. I stand for these.


Welcome to my world! Annkur.com

For a long time I have been planning this, and I am glad it has finally happened. I have moved my lazy bum a little and configured my personal site. The idea of having a personal diary on the internet (or a blog, whtever) has been in my mind since school days. My first website is still up and running (more on that later!), and for this dedicated blog I have toyed around with different names like ankuragarwal.in and co.in … however this one sounds short and sweet, so I decided to go with it!

So what are my plans for my personal blog?

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