So what is attitude problem?

I keep hearing this and I have decided to diagnose what really this Attitude Problem is. I took a small quiz to find out what my problem is (Yeah the google query I made was :what is attitude problem:):

Here is the result…


Now this didn’t really help me; though blogging nonstop for almost 2 years now has some effect on me. So I went up to the BIG G again to get some more answers…

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Ankur’s Friend Matrix!

So how many friends do you have? I keep asking myself whenever I reshuffle my Friend Matrix. No its not a box where I keep my friends, it’s a passive mental note of who stands where in my life.

So let’s understand this Friend Matrix? While each friend is special and have their own place in my heart, for illustration purpose I shall roughly categorize them in 4 sections (again, just for illustration) – See the images.

What you see above is a simple box with the 4 categories. A / B /C / D. Each of them signify something:

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World without Friction?

While covering Taqneeq the fest for OG, I participated in a Contemporary Writing competition. We had to write a short 60 word reply for “Innovative usage of Lie Detector machine” and a long one on “How would the world be if there was no friction, show your creative angle … ?”

For the lie detector I suggested using it to testify people filling their Tax Returns, and for My opinion of World Without Friction here we go:

No friction? It’s hard to imaging the world as if they were slipping on a gigantic piece of Ice. Though Ice-Skating isn’t my hobby, things would have moved really fast without friction. This brings me to the utility aspect of  this scenario. If we could channelize and productively utilize this speed, we could create wonders. Traveling and logistics would have been a breeze (Wow, that would have meant no traffic in Mumbai!).

Even sports events would have been visualized with a completely different vision. Gravity would have ruled  the sports-In my opinion. Much like the games I play on my gravity sensing iPhone (hmm, seems like Steve Jobs had a dream of world without friction a few years back).

And on a lighter note, how about education? Wouldn’t it be great if all our notes slip into our brains without any friction :D. Even businessmen would love transacting their receivables without any friction.

All said, what would you do about the friction that stops you from thinking??

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Do what you love? (Want to be good at?)

We live in a very difficult society. The moment a kid passes out of college you will see all aunties, uncles and any other tom dick and harry asking him and his parents  – So what are you doing? What plans? Job? Mba? Marriage :P? What?

hmmm … If you cannot relate to what I am saying, all this creates a sudden environment of pressure. Its a rat race, actually a DOG race. So is it necessary for one to start planning so deeply as soon as he graduates? Not really! IMO

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How to be unforgiving! – (golden words)

Its difficult to forgive; And I only preach easy things :P. So here is how to be Unforgiving …

  1. Never tell the other person what wrong he/she did
  2. Don’t show your anger in words; maintain a distance from the person
  3. Arrogance will come naturally. Let it be there. Dont speak about it (though it will be obvious)!
  4. You hurt yourself when you are unforgiving; its natural, dont worry.
  5. After a while what might make it easy for you is the ignorance you’ll face from the other person

There are different stages and ways of being Unforgiving; depending on what you want. More often then not If you follow the rules I mentioned you will sucessfully be able to break ties forever (become truly unforgiving)!

If you default on these rules; you might end up with a compromise – BEWARE 😀

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Introducing: Ariginals – My Writings / My Views

Ariginals are Annkur Originals; these are my writings, my views, my thoughts … May not be perfect or world class … Am no great philosopher – But I like to write. So presenting the first few Ariginals:

1) Life is a ‘tug of war’ between truth and facts. Your Fact is your truth and my fact is my truth Now when facts differ. truth differs and that’s where the mother of all problems arises !! But what prevails is the actual Truth and Fact (that everyone sees in a different light )…

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Featured in this months One India One People Magazine

Hi Friends

I just received the copy of One India One People Magazine which features my article on ‘Gizmos in India: 2008’ as one of the Cover Stories. See here

Though I wouldn’t be able to publish the original article on any of my sites (OG, IP or here) but the article speaks about the changing trends in technology. From the time when we used to wait for our friends or relatives to get the latest gadgets from Dubai to today where the latest in Technology is released in India along with the global launch.  Also is a short review of the gizmos we will see in India this year, the iPhone 3G, Asus EEE, SE Xperia, and the Yamaha R15 … !

Will try to post a scanned copy of the same soon… Till then check out One India One People



Multitasking: A lesson I guess learnt in time!

I have always chewed more than what I can bite… And this has perhaps hurt me more than anything else in life. And in the last few months I am working hard to get back the FOCUS.

So what exactly is wrong with Multitasking? It is good… yes it is, but even your PC hangs while doing it. You are just a human! One needs to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time. Don’t mistake this as a NO to do many things, but One after the other. Thats the approach. Think, Plan but don’t disturb yourself with too many things at once!

In 2005, the BBC reported on a research study, funded by Hewlett-Packard and conducted by the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London, that found, “Workers distracted by e-mail and phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers.”

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