HeadStart Tweoples’ Road Trip


Evangelizing twitter on juhu beach

Now since @iMBA is such a lazy busy ass, I would have to make this blog entry. One of my most memorable outings was this little Road Trip along with Mitesh, Amit and Rahul. The original trip starts from Belapur when Mitesh (@iMba) and Rahul take Amit (@abeoye) for Mumbai darshan. The first halt being Andheri where I connect with them and we head towards Juhu.

It was just a casual walk back to office after lunchtime when I decide to join these guys and I never knew that I would return home only 36hours later after loads of fun, action, drama, adventure, tweetup … you name it – we did it! 😉

— incomplete — View the pics for now

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How people say things over the WWW (Part 1)

  • Shall I buy a MacBook Air? = U know मेरे पास बहुत पैसा है / I am very rich!
  • Girl: You know I had a fantastic outing, night out with friends, movie and this this this person was there. = Loser, you asked me out and I went with them 😛 (Jealous?)
  • I am so excited I am going to meet my cousins. Its been 10 years since they shifted to US. = [I am going on a foreign trip]
  • What is the best tool to do xyz … = Yeah go ahead and tell me what you use; I will prove m smarter than you!
  • Scrap: Not seen you since long? Where have you been? = When the hell are you returning my BOOK!

Keeping it short as per feedback received; will post Part II soon (Suggestions Welcome)