Back from the past

I recently went to see a disaster of a movie, Aa Dekhen Zara. No I’m not going to waste anytime reviewing a movie on this blog (at least not anytime soon). There is this little incident during the intermission that left me with a little delight.

While standing in the Q to grab some popcorn I could see how uncivilized and indisciplined the well educated crowd can really be. Now this is not something we see at Fame or other big multiplexes. But this was SunCity….

As I struggled to politely try and request the popcorn vendor for some caramel there were these as***..s who would just jump in from here and there and hand over a gandhi chap note to them and hijack my place in the line. Just at that very moment I said to myself that my schooling has left me with a little more discipline and values than I need to survive in amchi Mumbai.

Just as I stood in that line thinking to abandon those combo coupons I had purchased for the popcorns, a lady appeared behind me to buy some popcorn. I instantly recognized her, she was the supervisor of our school. Though I never had the opportunity to study in any of her classes, I remember her as a strict and serious one. I immediately offered to help her across with the order and took the 2 coupons she was carrying and this time I somehow managed to sideline all the monkeys surrounding us to place that order. (…though I didn’t introduce myself as a Xaverite to her)

Lessons learnt:

  • Being organized and decent everywhere doesn’t help
  • Annkur follows the protocol and at times wrongly so
  • Annkur can fight better for others, but badly for himself!

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