Random thoughts again: Trust Matrix

… in middle of something, shit load of work on head before I head to Delhi in 12 days and out of no where I have something distracting me to the extreme. A thought on the lines of what I have been debating with myself over the past few years.

How to trust people? They say something, and do the opposite. They manipulate, cheat, double cross … all of it just for some silly sick quick gains? Pleasure? Entertainment!? Hell – stop fooling yourself ppl. Sadly many of these never get a wakeup call and I have seen so many live within the illusion of happiness they created for themselves. Second handers as I call them!

Not many would see the trend of this thinking – but I would list here how it has evolved inside me:

Below are the words of Mike from TechCrunch…

I believe that it has changed me as a person to the point where I generally don’t trust people until they’ve earned it. Before TechCrunch I assumed most people were essentially good, and assumed that an individual was trustworthy until proven otherwise. Today, its exactly the opposite. [TC]

In similar emotions I wrote about the Values that I followed back in June last year

I have seen a whole min-cycle of events around this thought of trust and friendships. And believe me people don’t know what they want. Most that I know are stuck within themselves. None of them bold enough to go ahead and actually throw out the bad from their life, instead they are poised to adopt it. In a bid to do so I feel the Friends Matrix was formed within me – to throw out the unwanted i.e. the second handers and remain effective. Still evolving….

Debatable: Is it good to throw out friends whom you shared so much with? IMO Yes… No point dragging them just for the sake of the time/thoughts shared. Something that makes me work for Nischay with a lot of heart is the number of unselfish and kind hearted people I meet there.

So what really makes me say all this here? Go back and remember how I did things? Its TRUST. A failure to trust people, that comes with so many arrows on my back.

A while back I sat down to analyze what really is this Attitude problem. And I have a answer to it today: When you Trust someone you expect a lot of it in return aswell. If you don’t see that coming your way … you develop this wall of unanswered questions, concealing your depression, complaints and sorrows. That’s attitude problem.


Here is what sparked off this post – TRUST

Anyways … Keep walking

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  1. Annkur says

    Tried hard to restrict such posts, deleted some of them – but couldn’t let go this one.