Life without a Bike

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Having sold my Avenger a little over a month back, I am getting used to a new lifestyle depending on public transport. After 4 years of non stop biking adventure, here is a new turn to life; Life without a Bike πŸ™‚

A motorcycle is an amazing companion and as I always realized it adds a lot of flexibility and efficiency to ones movement in a crowded city like Mumbai. Though it has its own share of risk, troubles in rains etc etc … its still the coolest thing I ever owned: A bike

So what does this Life Without a Bike bring?

  • Autorickshaws: The amazing three wheelers of Mumbai are my best companion now. Something that bikers truly hate on roads. As a biker I rarely had to take an auto, but things have changed now. This post can well be titled on ‘Life traveling in an autorickshaw’
  • .. I actually discovered some weird auto rickshawas. Like one with a TV? yeah!! More on that in a future post.
  • Previously on occasional trips in an auto, I used to hand over a 10 rupee note to the rickshaw driver even for minimum fare (that’s Re1 Tip). But since I now make 2-5 trips daily in an auto rickshaw now, I stopped doing that.
  • The best part of traveling in an autorickshaw is that now I can actually watch all the girls on the street, without the fear of crashing. And as I now notice, there are pretty gals in my around my area πŸ˜›
  • I can also attend all calls while traveling, check my SMS and Tweet from my mobile (along with reading blogs) πŸ™‚ . Interestingly during the initial days in a rickshaw I would let the phone ring in my pocket, before realizing that I can actually answer it now … (unlike the bike where I had no option to answer calls)
  • Another habit I have developed is of texting unnecessary (now being replaced by mobile twitter). So things that can be discussed on the Instant Messenger, email etc, I would actually sit in the rickshaw and compose SMSes for those things. Killing time ….
  • I have learnt about this new cool autorickshaw by TVS. It has nice plastic dashboard, different gear switching technique, 250cc 200cc engine (hope my memory is serving me right on this), mobile charging points etc.
  • I have now started to plan my travels. With a bike there was a unique convenience to drop in anywhere any time. So if I am to visit 3 locations between Vile Parle and Jogeshwari, I could cover them in any order on the bike. But now I need to consider the traffic, time, routes etc. >> at the same time —Β  (During rains when getting autos is a pain) … Rickshawalas are usually used to hearing one place as destination before accepting or denying, but I might be the only one who gives asks them for 2-3 destinations at a time.
  • Catching a rickshaw is an art. You need to realise that there are other people around you looking out for an auto. You need tactfully place yourself and wave to the rickshaw wala.
  • Over the past few days with problems catching a rickshaw, I have realised that whoever taught these autowalas how to say ‘NO’ is probably the best teacher on planet earth!
  • I occasionally remind rickshaw-walas that there is a GAS station near my place. So if they are running low on CNG, they should go there for a refill…
  • I have also noticed that my love for friends who own a car has suddenly increased πŸ˜›

And if you are wondering why I sold the bike … here are a few speculations (choose your favorite πŸ˜‰ ):

  • My girl didn’t like bikes (I am planning a car)
  • Recession
  • The sprained shoulder / ankle
  • It wasn’t sold, it was stolen πŸ˜›
  • I got bored
  • mere sapne mein raat ko maa santoshi aayi, aur bola beech de

(This post was composed in parts on my mobile …. while traveling in auto-rickshaws)

6 thoughts on “Life without a Bike

  1. Piyansh says


    Who is ur gal..


    Gals u see in our area are not good gals..nd i hope by now u have understood what i mean to say..

    Own Experiences with Rickshawallas:

    When its raining its practically impossible to get a rickshaw frm our area..Or for our area as its gets very i use various techniques to catch a rickskaw like emotional blackmail eg; aapka kabhi bhala nahi hoga..
    I also intimdate them by telling them that Im some policeman’s son etc etc..

  2. says

    Ahhaa… Finally we have the post.
    Good to see the fact that this post was half written in the dingy auto rickshaws. U might like to read one of the most famous posts at Unitechy’s blog on Autorickshaws.
    Let me know your thoughts on it.

  3. says

    Read it … cant ask them to die, jaise bhi hai- wohi abhi life line hai πŸ™‚

    Next I want to try convincing the pretty gals traveling in autorickshaw to give me a lift πŸ˜›

  4. says

    A good post on ur triats and congrats for getting selected on spicy saturdays πŸ˜€

    Well, pretty gals r no more good either be in ur area or mine. lol πŸ˜‰