Dear Technoholik, Where Is The Link?


Today morning while I was searching for some news on the Samsung Nexus Prime, I came across over a dozen sites who have covered the news of Nexus Primes UAprof being leaked on Samsungmobile’s website. One of the results on the first page was from an Indian site and I clicked through. As I read through this article on Technoholik, I notice something weird. They haven’t given any credit to either PocketNow or elsewhere for this story. PocketNow being the one who broke the story originally.

And that’s not all. One may argue (would be stupid though) that the link on Samsung Mobile was publicly accessible and thus demands no source credit, but what acts as a final nail on the coffin if the fact that the image used for the story  on Technoholik is stolen from AndroidOS. As I tweeted about Technoholik failing to cite a source for a story they broke, Gaurav of noted that the image in use belongs to him. See it for yourself – AndroidOS vs Technoholik

It’s no new thing for a publication on the Internet to lift content from another source and fail to attribute it. Happens all the time. Many large media houses in the US would take a story from you and credit you by name on their online site, but won’t link. That is still acceptable, but when you pitch yourself as THE Economic Times and pull writers on your platform, you better maintain high standards!

This is just probably just one of many cases where a top publication (or a sister concern of a top publication) failed to maintain the most basic work ethic on the Internet. Seeing the standard of tech journalism I have seen in India (add to that some internal bits that I keep hearing), I am worried that there are very few like Nixxin doing a good job. We need a few more Medianamas in India.

Disclaimer: I should point here that I am the Editor & Publisher of Onlygizmos. Thus Technoholik is a competitor. But I write this post as just another reader who refuses to accept lack of integrity from a publication that he ends up reading.

Update: Seems like Technoholik has taken note of the issue and added the sources as AndroidOS and Pocketnow.

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