Maine Bola Tha

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” – Henry Ford

One of the most ridiculous and irritating argument I have heard time and again around me is “Maine Bola Tha”. Sounds much like someone predicted the end of the world and it came true. And this applies to so many things, be it politics, cricket, family, relations or business. The part that I am focussing on today is business.

Most startups fail and things hardly ever go as predicted. You are almost always short on resources and what defines success is choosing what not to do and when. So if you think you are a leader / entrepreneur, better learn to take the bitter pill and get out of the ‘Maine Bola Tha’ club. Humans need gratification, appreciation and admiration. Seek it. But not for things you thought, but for things you did.

If you think it through, you would have done it, provided it appeared as a must do. You didn’t do it, you didn’t make it happen.

The race wasn’t won by the ones who predicted what would happen, it was won by the ones who put their money behind that prediction.

To win you need to do. So shut up and start working. Anyways, nobody cares.

Update: A good read on this topic by Seth Godin – When to speak up

4 thoughts on “Maine Bola Tha

  1. abhijeet says

    Interesting post.
    Good point: “… won by the ones who put their money behind that prediction..”

  2. Anand Karwa says

    I don’t agree with you completely. Most of us use “maine bola tha” when we told someone to do something and they didn’t listen to us. When things go sour they turn back to us and ask for advice and that’s what irritates me to the core.

    Hard work is the necessary ingredient for success but wisdom makes the process of reaching our destination shorter and easier.

    • Annkur says

      Wisdom is subjective. You don’t always have enough data points to make a decision, so fail at times and forget. You may be right when you said Maine Bola Tha, but there are equal number of times that someone said something and it didn’t turn out to be so. I am still waiting for them to come back and say ‘Maine Bola Tha… Sorry’.