Nischay Blood Donation Camp 15th August 2008

An email I forwarded to all my friend! In case you missed it, here it is again.


Our NGO Nischay is organizing a Blood Donation Camp on 15th August at Bangur Nagar, Goregaon (Near Inorbit).

I would request everyone to come forward and Donate Blood. No matter what your feel about it, maybe fear it?, Or just don’t believe in it. I would only request you to be there! Come with your friends and family – and I am sure after you so many like you with that Faith and Spark to make a difference, your would feel the push from within….

Hope to see your on the 15th August. Lets make this independence day a memorable one. This message would do better with a little forward click from you. Cheers

The event is organized in association with Bharat Vikas Parishad and the Blood is being collected by Meenatai Thakrey Blood Bank. The arrangement is of the best standard with proper care for hygeine and adhering to the strictest norms.

For any more details please feel free to contact me on ankur at or call / sms  982-1333-316.

About Nischay:

Nischay is a group of youngsters in Mumbai who are committed to investing their free time “For a cause”. So be it, a entertainment program for mentally challenged kids, a day at an old age home or blood donation. We are here to make a difference. The groups is funded by the members itself by. If you would like to join Nischay, feel free to call / sms / email me.

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BPL is cheating me, when will these telecos get honest

I often receive messages from BPL saying that YOu have got Missed call(s). Send GET to xyz no to get the nos.

This happened even if I didnt switch off my cell, Today for some stupid reason i decided to give it a try. I smsed to that number to see who was finding me unreachable. And to my surprise I received a message “Dear subscriber You do not have any missed call”

huh, So as my inbox now appears,

11:05PM – You have a missed call. Sms to xyz no to get details.

11:06PM – Reply:  Dear Subscriber you have no missed call

Maintaining law and order isn’t easy?

Bomb Found in Surat

I received a forward mail from a friend today, which linked to the following article criticizing the system for the serial blasts across India. Here are my views on the same.

Its hard to digest the fact that dozen’s of bombs are found in big cities, outside hospitals, busy markets and even the police station. Is it really that easy to plant a bomb? Or perhaps the biggest question, Is it really that easy to make a bomb and run a terror network?

My answer would be Yes and No. Don’t get confused, but in a nation of 1 billion people no matter how much security cams you set up, no matter how much frisking and checking you do; there would be breach of security somewhere or the other. When these terrorists can accomplish something of the scale of 9/11 in US, this is certainly no big feat.

Making these low intensity bombs aren’t too difficult (not saying that they are easy) and planting them certainly isn’t very difficult either, they fit into a school bag easily. My friend Piyansh easily passes coke bottles inside theatre’s (again not implying that he can carry bombs as well :P), all I want to say is these small bombs are somewhat easy to hide and travel with. (You can read more on Terrorist Bombs here)

A very common comparison that I draw between Internet and the material world is the Policing. If you look at any biggie on the internet, say Youtube, Facebook, eBay, Orkut etc all of them rely on the community (users) to report anything objectionable. Not that they don’t have their own checks, but then it is practically impossible to manually keep a tab on the millions of their users. Similarly even the our local police relies on the public to report suspicious activities to them. Now here is where the problem for me rises …

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News Channels after Bomb blast in Ahmedabad

So do you favor getting a girl, aged around 10 years; speaking about her dead dad on TV? Talking about taking revenge from the terrorists? Come on, How sick can you get for TRP’s! These are times when you should leave kids alone, instead of luring them with a interview on TV, just hours after they lost someone dear.

Here I found a useful guide about Traumatized Kids:

Should I talk about the traumatic event?

Do not be afraid to talk about the traumatic event. Children do not benefit from ‘not thinking about it’ or ‘putting it out of their minds.’ If a child senses that her caregivers are upset about the event, she will not bring it up. In the long run, this only makes the child’s recovery more difficult. A good rule of thumb is to let the child guide when you talk about it. If the child doesn’t ask about or mention it, don’t bring it up on your own, but when the child brings it up or seems to be thinking about it, don’t avoid discussion. Continue reading Helping Traumatized Children

See this Orkut community for more on news channels

The values that I followed!

My Values (borrowed from the eBay community):

1. We believe people are basically good

2. We believe everyone has something to contribute

3. We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people

4. We recognise and respect everyone as a unique individual

5. We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated.

2/Sept/2012: In my original post in 2008 I was unsure if these were the values I follow anymore. Today I am no more in doubt. I stand for these.


Computer Lab at Bhavans College


OK, I haven’t written much about my days in college and school. But today I was editing a PPT after a long time and it reminded me of the Computer Lab at Bhavans College (where I did my BMS from). The supervisor of the Computer Lab was some fat lady and it always appeared to me as if she has a fight with her husband before coming to college.

So it so happened, once I was sitting in the computer lab (not a v hi-tech lab, I would rather compare the systems there with my school time pc and printer) with a few friends editing some Presentation …

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Salman – SRK fight!

In case you don’t know already Salman and SRK (Sharukh Khan) has an ugly fight at Katrinas bday bash. Though I am least interested in highlighting what happened (you can google it), but here the crazy fans are out taking sides as always. Below is a comment left by a Salman supporter on Zee News Website… Enjoy …

Salman Srk Fight

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