Welcome to my world! Annkur.com

For a long time I have been planning this, and I am glad it has finally happened. I have moved my lazy bum a little and configured my personal site. The idea of having a personal diary on the internet (or a blog, whtever) has been in my mind since school days. My first website is still up and running (more on that later!), and for this dedicated blog I have toyed around with different names like ankuragarwal.in and co.in … however this one sounds short and sweet, so I decided to go with it!

So what are my plans for my personal blog?

Franky, I don’t know. My first website (school days) was http://sunny1987.freeservers.com and I spent a lot of time on it. Still I didn’t juice its full potential then. And now I hope to do better this time. When I say Juice its potential, I do not mean monetize it, but to use it to be connected with all my well wishers and family and friends (fans as well ๐Ÿ˜€ ) . All I want to write about gadgets and technology is already on OnlyGizmos (I know I have promoted it in your ears quite irritatingly all these days) and here ย you will find a little of technology for sure, but it will be only things that amaze me. On OG a lot of content is because people like it or some or the other writer for OG has a soft corner for it, at the end of the day its a site made for the general public. But here on Annkur.com let me present to you Annkur P Agarwal ekdum dilse … 100% PURE

One sincere request to everyone, Please use this blog to the fullest and feel free to write to me in the comments section below. You can make suggestions to me there, you can encourage me, you can even criticize me! If its a language that can be allowed on the site, no matter what it states it will remain there as a honest comment from you. And I would certainly try to reply to most of them (no guarantees though) … Cheers !

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my world! Annkur.com

  1. Annkur says

    Personally I feel that anything that doesn’t add value to people shouldnt be on the internet. No point writing about things that done affect or appeal to the masses. But this one being a personal page (though a lot of content I guess would be public), it would have some diary entries, my personal notes !!