Why This Halla #iFeelUp

A few weeks back I received an email from TheViewsPaper inviting me to be a panelist for a Tweet-a-thon (hashtagged #IFeelup). The formatting of the email and less than 5 secs of reading was enough to tell me that this isn’t for me. It was at best a mass emailer sent to hundreds of people and I was clear that I wouldn’t get involved.

For me, there might be plenty of fundamental reasons for not getting involved, but probably my friends on twitter put it right – a name that I haven’t heard about invites me, I am wary by default (honestly I have probably heard the name Theviewspaper once before). But fast forward a few days after the tweet-a-thon is over, I see hate is in the air. The same folks probably who went about trending #ifeelup are offended. The Tweet-a-thon was a 7up promotion.

The best part: the first email inviting to be a participant didn’t mention 7UP, the second one which was unread till date mentioned 7UP. But people actually fell for this? Trended the hashtag and now crying foul? Are the ones who suffered the overdose of 6600 tweets really bothered? For the real consumers, this is probably just another disturbance in their timeline. Markeeters fighting Markeeters!

Ifeelup Tweet-a-thon by Theviewspaper

Mumbai Blasts – Collecting Important Info / Help

JULY 13 2011 – 8:11PM

3 Blasts in south mumbai reported. Its less than an hour since I have heard of the news, Twitter is overflowing with info and I think it’s best to have good info at one place. I am collecting some tweets and links here.

Mumbai Help Blog RT @b50: The blog is up: http://j.mp/r5SUaF

#MumbaiBlasts Great spreadsheet with all Help/Contact Nos. RT @notdanwilkerson: http://j.mp/n1HnW8

Round up of people willing to shelter: Nos/twitter handle /areas: pass on to people who need wp.me/pwhKq-er Read More

Attempt to photograph the Eclipse #tse22

In a bid to get some exclusive and clear pictures / view of the Solar Eclipse we traveled to Surat on 21st Night. After 9 hours of drive and 2 1/2 hours of sleep we were all excited to climb up to the terrace of a 11 storey building in Surat… Read More

#MumbaiRains July 14

Just ventured out to a small bicycle ride from Chakala (my home) to JB Nagar… The junction at JB Nagar has bad bad traffic and all roads leading to Sakinaka / Marol from here has a traffic Jam. Road going towards Station / Highway from JB Nagar are clear …

Pics taken around 4.10PM. Rain is still strong enough …


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Why I will never buy Allen Solly again!

One of the greatest mistakes I ever made in my life was buy that blazer from Allen Solly before my Kolkata trip in Feb earlier this year (I didn’t blog about that trip). No the blazer wasn’t bad, it was good enough and at a hefty discount. I Like it

…but then I cant bear daily sms messages from the store in Oberoi Mall bugging me with offers like BUY 3 GET 1 FREE on Women’s wear ..!

  1. I never opted for this SMS spam
  2. There is no easy way to opt out of these irritating messages
  3. I only inquired for a blazer that was not in stock, and the store was supposed to call me when that is in stock. Instead I start receiving these buggy messages. That too daily, at times more than 1 message a day!

These irritating SMSes are one reason I prefer Cleartrip over Yatra aswell. Yatra.com bugs me (though not so often) with these promotional SMSes which I really don’t want.

And you already know why I will move out of Loop Mobile as soon as number portability comes in. I really feel its time we consumers should unite and boycott such irritating marketers  – TEACH THEM A LESSON!

Update June 14th: Sunday morning and I receive 3 messages from Allen Solly before 9AM. Too much for me to tolerate – Visited their Oberoi Mall outlet and conveyed my frustration to the staff there. They took my number and promised I won’t receive any more messages. No Sms, No longer a Allen Solly customer – CASE CLOSED!

Orkut: Youth Icon?

Original Posted on OnlyGizmos in June 2007

Orkut has been nominated against ‘Abhishek Bacchan, Multimedia Cell Phone, Rang De Basanti and You’ in the MTV and Pepsi Youth Icon 2007. Orkut has 6.6 Million (66 lakh) Indian subscribers. This consists huge amount of youngsters.

There are more than a million communities on Orkut on absolutely everything from pizza to pasta from Film star to superstar, from your pet to your teacher. People freely express their opinions and views here. Internet has always been a medium carrying free information and thats exactly where the trouble starts for Orkut.

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Ok so BPL wants to get me a Date, but who the HELL asked for it?


Back in June I had written about how BPL has got my blood boiling with thier buggy Missed Call alert service, and off late its thier excessive advertising that is irritating me. For example see the message above…

There is a slim chance that you would have read my cry for improving the Do Not Call Registry service back in July last year. Even after registering myself in the DND service several months back – I still recieve these automated advertisement calls from BPL. And what adds to my pain is the fact that a couple of my BPL sims (yes I have 4) are switched off at times and the calls are redirected to my cell. These adverisement calls come routed to my cell from these sims – So that means I PAY TO LISTEN TO THEIR ADVERTISEMENT.

Comeon BPL aka LOOP MOBILE – Get honest! I have been a customer for years now. Just as I say this, I pray to god that NUMBER PORTABILITY COMES TO INDIA ASAP

My Childhood died today

i Came across this on Orkut: Probably the Biggest fan of Sourav Ganguly speaks his mind…

Our great dada is retiring and the void which has created will never be filled.. I want to congratulate dada for his fantastic career, he was a great player and was a very inspirational leader. The world cricket will remember him for his sheer determination and never say die attitude.. To be very honest with u i m going through very ambiguous feeling.. I m both happy and sad.. I m happy for dada who has had a memorable last test series.. Not many cricketers get such a chance to have their farewell … I want to thank dada for whatever he has done for me…

FRIENDS, on this occasion I want to tell u the story of a 10 year old boy.. A boy who was considered to be dumb, very quiet, reserved. People never missed a chance to make fun of that guy.. Whenever he tried to do something there were always many guys around to pull his legs.. No one understood him.. A boy who seriously had no self-confidence.. Teachers had already told his parents that ur son wont be able to do anything in life..

He used to sit quietly without saying a word and used to wonder that he is a big loser in life.. Nobody had any sympathy for him.. Perhaps he was too young to do anything abt it. In year 1996, it was time when had just completed his 5th standard examination and had summer vacations, he was watching a cricket match by chance..although he had no interest in cricket wat so ever then. The 1st test was over and 1 of the middle order batsman had to go back home for some personal reasons.. Indian think-tank had to play someone else in the playing 11 and that some1 was none other that Sourav Ganguly.

That boy observed that there was lots and lots of speculation abt his place.. Few of the team members said that he made it to the side becoz of regional quota.. Few of them said bengalis r soft enough to play cricket.. Some of them said that he just cant score runs in the leg side.. and some said he doesnt have an attitude to play for India as he refused to carry drinks on the field in 1992…

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Farewell Anil, You Rocked!

For as long as I remember watching cricket, I have seen you play, and it’s a proud, happy and in a way a sad moment today as I hear that you will no longer be seen doing the heroics that we have witnessed for almost two decades now.

Till today morning I was thinking about dada’s last tour and fast approaching climax; in the back of my mind I had a feeling that we would hear about The Anil Kumble retire soon aswell … But never imagined it would come so soon.

Past 18 years have been glorious for Indian Cricket. The sport has took off like a rocket and is highly commercial today. This makes me respect our seniors who came and took up this challenge when there wasn’t so much money in the sport! They made the strong foundation on which our MSD’s and Ghambir’s are walking on.

The celebrations are on, news channels get some more fizz and we sit back and prepare for Dada’s turn. Clearly in years to come, Cricket would not be what I was used to watching as a kid… Though I am not a big fan catching every series over by over!

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