Google+ vs Facebook, On Facebook

Google has launched its Facebook rival or lets say its most ambitious launch in the social space. Google+ has a lot of Google in it and it also has a lot of Facebook in it. With the mixed bag of early reviews, fight for invites, hacks and debate on G+’s prospects, here is a conversation I had on Facebook (with Himanshu Bizdharma-wala), about Google Plus vs Facebook!

Facebook vs Google Plus

Note: humorwa hai, dil pe mat lena!

“1st email” LoL memories pulled out of the trunk

{This is a status update of visit we made for a college project during BMS days in Bhavans. Shaun just sent this back to me and just couldn’t resist sharing this with the rest of the word. Bachmates from Bhavans would surely understand this better}

——– 22-8-2005 From ANkur Agarwal to Tassavur Shaikh (Toxic)

Ok Officer !!
I shall give you a briefing of wht we faced so far in the war ground of Materials Management.
We moved forward to the Creative Motors Fort in Andheri.

We attacked their Service Center. BUt we came to know that their leader (mr Kamlesh Shah) is hiding in the showoom.

So we marched forward in our hired tanks (rikshaws) towards the Creative Motors  showroom in Andheri Itself.

We spotted Mr Kamlesh and holded him at gunpoint. He was talking on a wireless communication device (Probably calling in reinforcements)
He recognized me and surrendered. We had a conferene with him in his hideout (also known as cabin) and layed down numerous demands and requested lots of ancient artifacts (Slips and documents) which were very important to us. He was very cooperative here on (probably frightened after seeing 4 of us together).

He promised to handover the requested artifacts within 24 hours and so he did. Our brave knight Sir Samie III also received a special gift from their showroom (a concessional rate for Hero honda CBZ*  with finance).
The very next day we divided the artifacts and started to work on it. Kim was sent a copy of those for special study by AIRMAIL (Courier) and she mailed us her reports and findings ( Ecopies ) of the same. We then had a brief meeting where we met our lethal weapon TOXIC ( ya he takes a whole week to recharge himself and then shows up once in a week — much like me). .. and you know what happened after that.

Here I take the privilege to mail you all the Findings and research we did on the artifacts — which although of a bit low quality is attached.
THE SPECIMEN of our victory note and improvement steps is being attached – it is to be considered by you for your views and special comments.

Over and OUT
Major General ANkur Agarwal Read More

Life without a Bike

avvy sketch

Having sold my Avenger a little over a month back, I am getting used to a new lifestyle depending on public transport. After 4 years of non stop biking adventure, here is a new turn to life; Life without a Bike 🙂

A motorcycle is an amazing companion and as I always realized it adds a lot of flexibility and efficiency to ones movement in a crowded city like Mumbai. Though it has its own share of risk, troubles in rains etc etc … its still the coolest thing I ever owned: A bike

So what does this Life Without a Bike bring?

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Live Chat – LoL


Just came across this funny online chat I had with eBay CS last year. Don’t really remember what the issue was, but I was negotiating with them to revert early as I have to go for a movie that evening.

Asked to prove my connection with Mumbai

While participating in the Best Blog in Mumbai contest by MumbaiBloggers; I (all participants) was asked to explain my association with Mumbai. The question asked was

This mail comes to you with a purpose. As you already know, the competition is only for the Bloggers who had certain association with Mumbai. The association may be staying in Mumbai, Having studied or worked in Mumbai or writing about Mumbai.. So we just wanted to know in what way you are associated with Mumbai..

A copy of my response below:

Namaskar Sajjano

Ham bambai wasi hai bachpan se. Yaha hi pale bade hai.

The blog is my personal blog, and having been in Mumbai since childhood I am very much mumbaikar. Such that even MNS cannot refute.

In the last 10 years I have spent over 99.99% of my time in Mumbai. Probably more than Googles Guranteed uptime. (Plz calculate 10yrs – 7 days to get the ratio).

And If you didn’t realise the ultimate proof. You asked for a simple reply and I gave a full डेड शयाना mumbaiya reply 😉

Top 5 things girls tell me :P


  • U know what …    {how the hell will I know… bol abhi!}
  • I am not like other girls  … {i Know, i Know … even they say the same}
  • __________________   {no silence isn’t golden}
  • Main moti lag rahi hu kya? have I put on weight?    {abe hai to lagegi hi naa}
  • as if I care / I dont care {ROFL yeah!}

with inputs from Piyansh Mantry