Asked to prove my connection with Mumbai

While participating in the Best Blog in Mumbai contest by MumbaiBloggers; I (all participants) was asked to explain my association with Mumbai. The question asked was

This mail comes to you with a purpose. As you already know, the competition is only for the Bloggers who had certain association with Mumbai. The association may be staying in Mumbai, Having studied or worked in Mumbai or writing about Mumbai.. So we just wanted to know in what way you are associated with Mumbai..

A copy of my response below:

Namaskar Sajjano

Ham bambai wasi hai bachpan se. Yaha hi pale bade hai.

The blog is my personal blog, and having been in Mumbai since childhood I am very much mumbaikar. Such that even MNS cannot refute.

In the last 10 years I have spent over 99.99% of my time in Mumbai. Probably more than Googles Guranteed uptime. (Plz calculate 10yrs – 7 days to get the ratio).

And If you didn’t realise the ultimate proof. You asked for a simple reply and I gave a full डेड शयाना mumbaiya reply 😉

4 thoughts on “Asked to prove my connection with Mumbai

  1. says

    Dinno, Bhai this is nothing to do with the contest. Its just a funny incident to share. The post would be the same even without mentioning Mumbai Bloggers ka contest ….

    Hope you understand 🙂


  2. says

    That i very well understood. I anyways did not take it as anything about the MumbaiBloggers.. My doubt was with timing of post.. It came very late aft the competition was over..