Startup Saturdays / HeadStart – What? Why? How?

Many of you would have been receiving mail from me inviting you to something called ‘Startup Saturdays’. Over the past few years I have been associated with a variety of events – from DJ nites (when I was in college) to NGO activities (Nischay). Over the past few months I have come across this amazing group called HeadStart.

So what is HeadStart? What exactly is StartupSaturday? Why is annkur here? How is it relevant to you/me? – I would take this opportunity to answer all these for you today!

What? What we do: In StartupSaturdays we bring together industry veterans to speak in front of  entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, students and experts. At the same time give startups a platform to present themselves in front of a very knowledgeable crowd. The atmosphere encourages healthy debate and discussions on various topics ranging from PR, marketing, funding to legal & accounting. The feeling of being present between a 100 aspiring entrepreneurs on a StartupSaturday cannot be described in words.

The HeadStart Network is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers and full time professionals to create and promote the innovation ecosystem in India. We define the innovation ecosystem as consisting of entrepreneurs and startups, researchers in academia and industry, adopters of new technology and products, and investors.

Why? –  Why am I here: My about page speaks less about things I did (or rather tried). I started working when I was 15 (right out of school); worked all 5 years in college. Without a doubt I can claim that all my learning and knowledge in life has come from my 7 years of work as an entrepreneur. Having faced the toughest of times in business, amongst friends, family – I always missed someone who would stand behind me, correct me, give me directions, feedback, constructive criticism… At the same time there were a few who came from nowhere, became friends, motivated me and kept me going. Did it come too late? Not sure, but here at Startup Saturdays / Headstart – I have this opportunity to give back something to the entire community. Its my turn to contribute to and support the dreams and ambitions of the ones who have decided to step out and face the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Give a backup, a platform to all those who refuse to live as second-handers in the society … to those who would dare to stand up and take that step towards making a difference, realizing their true dreams… In whatever small way I can!

There are so many around me who have that desire to start something, make a beginning of their own and seeing them get motivated after attending any StartupSaturday is a pleasing sight. I haven’t spent too much time here to claim that I have seen any of them excel, but many around me (myself included 😉 ) are making a start. I am sure in the coming months I would be writing about how xyz came to SS, got inspired and fulfilled his dream.

How is it relevant to you? – If you are reading my blog chances are dim that you are a Ambani or Biyani. You are very much similar to what I am; filled with dreams and ambitions, dodging day to day problems and planning for the future. Or may be just an careless ignorant butterfly. Either ways if you have that desire to learn new things, meet some great people (myself included 😉 ), debate your ideas, plan your startup, present yourself / your thoughts / your startup, get inspired, take home some motivation or just test your knowledge – This is the place for you.

In Mumbai StartupSaturdays are conducted on every 2nd Saturday of the month. Venue is S.P Jain, Andheri.

Also coming up on 2oth June is HEADSTART, which is held twice a year and much larger than StartupSaturday. If you are a startup – waste no time and register yourself here. This would be your opportunity to present in front of industry leaders, investors, incubators … !

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