Busy June…

June 2009 is probably one of the most busiest months this year (yet). HeadStart, StartupSaturday, Nischay keeps me busy with events and on the other hand tones of smartphone releases makes things at OnlyGizmos Network hectic.

An upcoming Blog Camp in Pune is something I am really looking forward to. Its IMO the biggest meet of Bloggers in West India. Scheduled for 27th June. Also coming up on 26th is the Aperitweat in Mumbai.

So all in all I want to say though I am composing a few posts on mobile, I doubt if there would be many from me this month. Guest Posts most welcome (almost anything goes on my blog)… ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Btw: hope to see you at HeadStart this saturday (june 10th) – Buy the tickets here! A peek-a-boo at the conference hall below

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Startup Saturdays / HeadStart – What? Why? How?

Many of you would have been receiving mail from me inviting you to something called ‘Startup Saturdays’. Over the past few years I have been associated with a variety of events – from DJ nites (when I was in college) to NGO activities (Nischay). Over the past few months I have come across this amazing group called HeadStart.

So what is HeadStart? What exactly is StartupSaturday? Why is annkur here? How is it relevant to you/me? – I would take this opportunity to answer all these for you today!

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Startup Saturday on Valentines Day

Feb 09 edition of Startup Saturday saw a full house @ FMB1 SP Jain. Brajeshwar demoed his startup Ocricket and Kashyap shared the vision and story behind InkFruit!

We also had a very interesting session by Eklavya of C2W who generously gave out T-Shirts and Caps while speaking about the power of UGC – User Generated Content.

As for the Valentines Day – Netra was gifted with a homepage ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah!!