My titles on Gtalk July 08

Gtalk title quotes

One very amusing feature with Gtalk (google talk- IM Messenger) is the status messages. Though we had these in Yahoo IM aswell, the Gtalk status messages is the most widely used. 1. coz it allows links 2. it is more readable to the people we are chatting to 3. it makes even the longest of quotes easily readable in the small space provided 4. its easy to change the status message without opening any settings page or a new window.

Some of my recent status messages are:

1. “Depression is the inability to construct a future” (as you see in the image above) – how true, If you have ever been in depression you would certainly understand this.

2. I smile because I have no other option 🙂

I will add more as I get them, Feel free to post yours below 😀 (and dare you copy mine)


ok a few more:

3. “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

4. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – (i guess this is what Late Shree Dhirubhai Ambani said)

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2 thoughts on “My titles on Gtalk July 08

  1. Sandeep says

    Can I copy few of them? you are very creative 🙂

    “I may be inconsistent, but not all the time.”

  2. Annkur says

    Folks, Here is officially giving credit to Sandeep. Most (actually al) of my Gtalk quotes are copied from him …. 🙂