How people say things over the WWW (Part 1)

  • Shall I buy a MacBook Air? = U know मेरे पास बहुत पैसा है / I am very rich!
  • Girl: You know I had a fantastic outing, night out with friends, movie and this this this person was there. = Loser, you asked me out and I went with them 😛 (Jealous?)
  • I am so excited I am going to meet my cousins. Its been 10 years since they shifted to US. = [I am going on a foreign trip]
  • What is the best tool to do xyz … = Yeah go ahead and tell me what you use; I will prove m smarter than you!
  • Scrap: Not seen you since long? Where have you been? = When the hell are you returning my BOOK!

Keeping it short as per feedback received; will post Part II soon (Suggestions Welcome)

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