The Debate: Blog Came Pune 2 Video

Here is a small video from my talk at BCP2 in June earlier this year. This one is really special. It was the first time I took a session at any unconference / seminar and what better audience than my fellow bloggers to interact with. Though I was really nervous it was a proud moment for me. Thank you all for the support.

If you cant see the video click here

More BCP2 videos soon

6 thoughts on “The Debate: Blog Came Pune 2 Video

  1. Amit Singh says

    Hi Annkur,

    Good to see you giving a talk dude!
    The points about what kind of articles make money and what kind of users click on ads were insightful.


  2. says

    @amit Thx Amit, I have had a nice time learning online. Will upload lectures by Ankesh and others soon

    @farrhad dude, thx for being there and supporting. I might well have developed cold feet … but hey @rahuljrark came in sight at the right time I guess πŸ˜› lol