BarCamp Mumbai 6 – An experience

I am starting to like the idea of ruining my weekends running around volunteering for unconferences. hey did i tell ya that this will be one of those #random #incomplete posts. The fact remains that I declined the invitation to be an unorganizer and @vivekk forced (tricked) me into it. Btw: this pic below is after #bcm6 and was taken by @mahafreed. I kinda like this pic and so decided to write this post, so that I can put it on my blog … sssh! Barcamps are these weird meets, unlike the name – there is no alcohol here and that suits me well, well maybe.

So I started writing this post while listening to this, and I am originally supposed to put this on facebook, but i am too lazy to switch tabs and do that. (Update: this is this). Now as I write, I see that my sweet little sis is complaining that I havn’t posted anything psyco (did I spell that correctly?) (cares who.. jaane do), like this since a long time. (Update: This this is this, or perhaps something else) Yes I am now a little sleepy aswell. So what happened at Barcamp? Well I stole this T-Shirt from @sengupta, took 2 under tree sessions along with @priyankawriting and @vivekk (or rather stuck my foot in their undertree sessions),

btw the food was yummy. Imagine what would have happened if I would have okayed that food from the SPJIMR MESS 😛 (@vivekk saved you’all the horror). I also hijacked 2 sessions  or rather hijacked one for 2 mins with permission, helped @farrhad hijack one and stuck my foot / or ws it my tongue? in @monikkinom’s super cool session. OOPS this was about me at barcamp, so what happened at barcamp6 actually? Well when you are on my page, you better look for me and what i did, not bcm6  – shame on you. OK silly. Whtever!


3 thoughts on “BarCamp Mumbai 6 – An experience

  1. Gaurav says

    Hey Annkur,

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog posts so that I directly get ’em in my Inbox?

    I see RSS but that’s web based only, right?

  2. Annkur says

    Though I am a little lazy at these things, Have updated the RSS link on the sidebar with an email option