Dear Google, Your Panda Is Lazy!

Dear Google,

For years you have denied that your SPAM fighting skills are poor and it is messed up in favor of cheap internet marketers. And your latest war on SPAM / Content Farm etc is a bold move (though does prove that you were seeing a lot of mess) but it isn’t working. As much as I would have loved to see this working, I feel you have messed it up badly.

Google Farmer Update, Doesn't Work!

Can you tell me, when you have us (OnlyGizmos) on Google News and any thing we post is indexed in seconds, how the hell do these sites who copy our content rank over us? That too when I am searching for exactly the same title as my blog post! Hours of hard work and 3 people co-ordination to get that review live before anyone else on the web and what, they spammers get the first rank in organic results?

Update: Matt Cutts seems to have answered my query in one of his Webmaster Help videos:

6 thoughts on “Dear Google, Your Panda Is Lazy!

  1. ajit pillai says

    that is really sad!!! wonder how the panda works actually!! hope google reads this and rectifies it ASAP!

  2. Vivek says

    And, it shouldn’t be too difficult for them – Google should’ve the timestamp of the content reaching their servers and then do a simple strcompare() to weed out this sort of irritating spam.

    • Annkur says

      @mehul they are back on 🙂 And still on google. I have filed a spam report sometime back. Lets see

      @vivek: Vivek, technically its possible that Time stamp be manipulated.

  3. general says

    Hey, I see that onlygizmos is being shown on top with has got it right..i fail to understand what you are complaining about!

    • Annkur says

      Dear General, if you read the post (and see the image properly) you would realize that the result on the top is from Google News, The organic results are messed up. Thanks for commenting