My meme – that 7 random things

Tagged long back to write a meme, here it is – &even random things about me:

  1. Redbull and Pain killers dont work on me (no I am not happy about this)
  2. watches <strike>all</strike> most movies in the last show
  3. upto class VIII wanted to be a scientist (dont ask me why)
  4. if i end up replying to you on gtalk in all CAPS; it would be safe to assume that i was eating something and wasn’t looking at the screen
  5. believes in love at first sight, at the same time promotes the philosophy that love is superstition
  6. has a unique ability to sit over shit load of work and do nothing 😛
  7. when alone and doing nothing, would be smiling / laughing visualizing some silly pjs / incidents

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