Ok so BPL wants to get me a Date, but who the HELL asked for it?


Back in June I had written about how BPL has got my blood boiling with thier buggy Missed Call alert service, and off late its thier excessive advertising that is irritating me. For example see the message above…

There is a slim chance that you would have read my cry for improving the Do Not Call Registry service back in July last year. Even after registering myself in the DND service several months back – I still recieve these automated advertisement calls from BPL. And what adds to my pain is the fact that a couple of my BPL sims (yes I have 4) are switched off at times and the calls are redirected to my cell. These adverisement calls come routed to my cell from these sims – So that means I PAY TO LISTEN TO THEIR ADVERTISEMENT.

Comeon BPL aka LOOP MOBILE – Get honest! I have been a customer for years now. Just as I say this, I pray to god that NUMBER PORTABILITY COMES TO INDIA ASAP