Inspirational: Babu’s Doing Extraordinary Things (Transformational Leadership In Government)

In his talk ‘In defense of the indefensible’ Srivatsa Krishna goes on to show multiple examples of Government employees / ‘Babus’ / public servants doing great work, within the same political structure that is currently hit by a new scam every week. While many around me (include me to an extent) are at loss of confidence, doubting India’s prospects and can only vent their anger of Facebook / Twitter, here is a video that raises such hope!

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Thanks Hari Kotian for sharing this


Video: Laloo Prasad in parliament!

This guy is awesome! Reminds me of my friend Vicky who is equally witty and entertaining. Coming back to Laloo, I don’t really care what the past is, if its progress he gets today, its appreciated!