Are we friends?

Are we friends? This is something I ask people, directly or indirectly and more often than not I take answers without they having to say Yes or No. The friend matrix that I gave earlier is something that will give a larger view of how things work, but here is something very basic:

“Friendship demands trust. For me trust is the respect that a friend gives me, I value that and I like to give the same in return. For any reason (and generally many) If I fail to see that respect for me and/or I feel I cant give that respect to you, we shall seize to be friends!”

Also read Darshan Chande’s views on friendship. I quite like and agree with what he says. 1) What is friendship? 2) Is friendship driven by purpose

Ankur’s Friend Matrix!

So how many friends do you have? I keep asking myself whenever I reshuffle my Friend Matrix. No its not a box where I keep my friends, it’s a passive mental note of who stands where in my life.

So let’s understand this Friend Matrix? While each friend is special and have their own place in my heart, for illustration purpose I shall roughly categorize them in 4 sections (again, just for illustration) – See the images.

What you see above is a simple box with the 4 categories. A / B /C / D. Each of them signify something:

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