Attempt to photograph the Eclipse #tse22

In a bid to get some exclusive and clear pictures / view of the Solar Eclipse we traveled to Surat on 21st Night. After 9 hours of drive and 2 1/2 hours of sleep we were all excited to climb up to the terrace of a 11 storey building in Surat… Read More

#MumbaiRains July 14

Just ventured out to a small bicycle ride from Chakala (my home) to JB Nagar… The junction at JB Nagar has bad bad traffic and all roads leading to Sakinaka / Marol from here has a traffic Jam. Road going towards Station / Highway from JB Nagar are clear …

Pics taken around 4.10PM. Rain is still strong enough …


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Moon, Venus, Jupiter caught on Camera

Ok, Not everyday do I get an opportunity to nourish the amature photographer in me. And here today I had the opportunity to click a few amazing shots as Venus, Jupiter, Moon appeared in conjunction tonight. The same was visible for just 2 hours and I managed to make the most out of the last 20 mins. The photos are downstairs.

(Photography by Annkur & Dhiren)

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