What superhero do you resemble? Your personality traits tell!

Well well, I wouldn’t have noted this here if it wasn’t so good. This new website that I have found is amazing. It asks you some questions about yourself and then it gives you a small chart showing which superheros do you resemble.

I just tried it and I am a 80% Green Lantern, 75% HULK (you bet for being short tempered), 70% Spiderman (this was probably for being bad with gals), and 60% Batman (for gadgets I guess).

And if you were wondering what SuperVillan I resemble it is Green Goblin and The Joker (though the compatibility ratios were below 50% for both of them, probably because I answered all violence and theft related questions negatively :(). And no points for guessing I like the colour Green 🙂

Here is the list of SuperHeros –

I am green lantern

To check out your results log on to http://www.thesuperheroquiz.com/

I ran this test again in July 2010, I am still a Green Lantern!

Superhero Test

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