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2010 is here and after a good year and a half of blogging on; I have slowed down. The frequency of posts have fallen and now I can so much relate to @thakkar speaking about “his 6 dead blogs” at Blog Camp Mumbai around a year back. While blogging still remains a integral part of my day to day work (at OnlyGizmos) the reason was created, was to share what I like, what I feel and not just gadgets and technology.

I am wondering what I should do to get back those wonderful thoughts that made some really memorable posts here. Any suggestions?

One of the ideas I might explore is to integrate a photo blog here; but the writings for now are rare 🙁

Btw the post is titled office office, as I have just got started with a new office routine. Though not the first office for me, but a first with a good 5 member team and a hectic 12 hour office schedule almost everyday. And yes, I am loving it! Leaving you with a few pictures below:

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    I suppose the key is to let flow and not get pressured into posting. Usually sitting down to write is what can open the ‘writing block’.