Face to Face conversations


An email titled: Study Shows High ROI on Face-to-Face Meetings

While this was some newsletter sent to marketing / sales junta & I don’t even need to open the thing and read it.  The idea is pretty clear: no matter how much you rely on IM, FB, Twitter – fact remains that nothing replaces Face to Face conversations. And I strongly seek that value in any relationship. I have attempted hard at times to keep up with my contacts and as far as possible I would race the bike to meet up in person. Again that has some relevance with the Friend Matrix (sorry, a lot of things for me revolve around that, in a sublime manner though); though I fear I won’t be able to describe very effectively but here is an attempt.

Anyways, when I asked Are we friends? the keyword stressed was TRUST. Making yourself available for a face 2 face meeting in many ways comes under that. (If I am avoiding a meet, that certainly means lack of trust!)…

Update: Comments on this piece on Facebook… really takes the discussion forward

One thought on “Face to Face conversations

  1. Annkur says

    I had no real work being in Delhi twice last year. But then I have cousins there and no matter how much I call, sms, FB – these times will never come back, those few hours we manage to steal together is what becomes the most memorable & then there are always incidents that we would remember forever. My quest to connect better with friends and family shall continue in 2010 – loads of outstation visits that means!