How to be unforgiving! – (golden words)

Its difficult to forgive; And I only preach easy things :P. So here is how to be Unforgiving …

  1. Never tell the other person what wrong he/she did
  2. Don’t show your anger in words; maintain a distance from the person
  3. Arrogance will come naturally. Let it be there. Dont speak about it (though it will be obvious)!
  4. You hurt yourself when you are unforgiving; its natural, dont worry.
  5. After a while what might make it easy for you is the ignorance you’ll face from the other person

There are different stages and ways of being Unforgiving; depending on what you want. More often then not If you follow the rules I mentioned you will sucessfully be able to break ties forever (become truly unforgiving)!

If you default on these rules; you might end up with a compromise – BEWARE 😀

Update: Unforgiving means allowing little or no opportunity for mistakes to be corrected. You would inherit a lot of toxic… It can be both fun and depressing; but it will make you feel like a KING.

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