Do what you love? (Want to be good at?)

We live in a very difficult society. The moment a kid passes out of college you will see all aunties, uncles and any other tom dick and harry asking him and his parents  – So what are you doing? What plans? Job? Mba? Marriage :P? What?

hmmm … If you cannot relate to what I am saying, all this creates a sudden environment of pressure. Its a rat race, actually a DOG race. So is it necessary for one to start planning so deeply as soon as he graduates? Not really! IMO

Though I am not sure if you have seen the Steve Jobs video, where he speaks about doing what you love (I would take that as doing whatever you are passionate about) and keep hunting till you find the right thing. The key lesson here is that at the age of 20-22 its not necessary that you would be able to decide accurately what you really love, whats you really want to do (Unless you are one of those second-handers who have been trained since childhood to be something xyz…)

Most people would expect to see you choose a steady progressive and safe career path as you take your first step. The advices would be, you can try this later – first get a little job experience, prepare for your CAT – everything else later, go to dad’s office – help him/learn – everything else later … and so on! You are going to spend a significant (Majority) of your life time working. Its important to do something that you like, something that you are passionate about, and something where you want to be good. You wont be a pro / champ from day 1. No matter where you go in life – Either a startup or a JOB career after a PG. The real learning happens as you do it… The choice you have to make is Where would I invest my learning time and reach the peak?

Its not (Just) about the money: But the one thing that would have struck your mind when you read my words is – MONEY! Yes money is important. That’s a scarce resource, and not everyone is loaded with Vitamin M. This creates a breed of entrepreneurs who work to make some money and fund their passion. Not a bad option; but if you are really confident – Have a little extra stomach to take risks. (Focus & Discipline is the key). Many people are disappointed with their jobs is because it isn’t their ideal career. For me I would accept doing what I am passionate about and enjoy doing as long as I can make the bare minimum to survive.

In all probability young entrepreneurs would relate much better to me here, as this is a common senario they find themselves in — To keep doing it or To give up and become a second-hander ruled by the evil laws of the society 😛

Ps: I am somewhere in the middle, lost in these same scenarios. But I have seen persistent people succeed; regardless of where I land up, I want to believe in these words!

My thoughts and views here come from different places. Though I started writing (This Post) immediately after reading this.

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