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A guest post for Annkur Ji. Hope he bears with this vexatious writing.

We all live, act and take decisions as per our discretion. The righteous listen to their conscience, the evil look in for their benefits. But sometimes and maybe always, we are bound to take decisions irrespective of how these  will effect people, friends and even us.

It is best to listen to our conscience when we get into these tricky situations. Whom to choose, the good or the right. The good will expect us to go wrong (either professionally or personally), just to become infinitely good and lovable. The right will get us all the condemnation from everybody involved. It becomes difficult to stand up alone being the right.

But the question is: How to discern what is being right?

The most difficult task is to strongly believe that our decision is right irrespective of all the ups and downs. A lot of times, we keep getting confused, trying to change and mend the situations around. Although not perfect, but there is a small solution. Sit and think, for as long as you can, debating with yourself about everything involved. Think putting yourself in others shoes. Think why somebody is acting in a particular manner. And then take your decision. A well thought decision taken from your conscience will never be wrong.

It is not necessary to be righteous, or rather thinking that everybody should think of you as the right. Support of the masses, is never possible even for the best of leaders. Forgetting family, friends and loved ones and their feelings during the process of decision making is the worst phase. But people around are not for always. In our whole life, we keep meeting people, keep losing people. The only omniscient factor throughout is our conscience.

So be right to your self. Do what you think is good. If confused, give it a good thought sitting in silence. Take a decision and pursue it with your might.

(This is a guest post by Anonymous, hope anonymous would interact with you below in comments)

6 thoughts on “Righteous

  1. Fairly subjective question. Have u heard of AI . It keeps on improvising on itself. Perhaps that’s what happens with conscience.
    Cheers for the thought process

  2. Annkur says

    Yeah …the improvising in case of conscience can be so wrong … either the person goes on becoming ignorant or too righteous. The subjective question is: Where to strike a balance!

  3. Thanks for asking an excellent philosophical question Annkur – how to decide what is right?

    As Einstein shows with his theory of relativity – there is no one straight answer.

    But there are 2 polar quotations – the yin and the yang – that give us a good clue:

    1. Do to others what you would like them to do to you
    2. Do to others what they would like to be done to themselves

    Evaluate both the quotations with the problem at hand. If even one of them is severely affected or nullified – you’re not on the right path.

  4. Anonymous says

    For the “yin and yang” theory:

    This works only when you are trying to be good, to yourself and to the world. Some decisions will severely affect both the polar quotations. Welcome to the world of being right.

    Right people have to suffer, personally and from others. It is because they stick to what is contrary to the normal. Try taking a decision against the set standards and you will face the situation in which things have to be done, which will affect you and the people around.