Over the last few years I have spent a lot of time architecting myself to be a self improving being. I care deeply about this. Given any situation, I like to come out with a sense that I have learnt and would do better the next time I am in that situation. Or simply put, every passing day, I want to push my limits in every area of life.

This begins by constant self evaluation of my actions. It often involves questions like – was there a better way to do this? Did I meet my commitments for the day? Did I make a positive impact to the space around me? My ‘alacrous soliloquy’ tag, today partly comes from such discussions in my head.

The side-affect? I would get upset over small issues and welcome seriously large problems as new opportunity to learn, to test myself.

What I do hope for, is to strike a balance. To know when not to care about what went right or wrong, to accept facts I cannot change and to limit the harshness emitting from this learning process.

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    ….and to remember to live, not just perfect the life you’ve been given. You’re pretty darn great as you are. Read my upcoming post on The Idea-smithy. It is relevant to this thought.