Barometer of Love

The only thing I have learned about love is that saying it means little on its own. The ones I love should feel they are loved and that’s what counts. So I rarely use the word love, but if the ones I really care for feel loved, my words are worth it.


Love Doesn’t Wait :(

If you love something, go and claim it now
If you ever wished for something, go get it now
If you every had a dream, go achieve it now

Love Doesn’t Wait, Time Flows. All it leaves behind is faded memories. Act now or repent later 🙁

… I write this as I realise that my most precious collection of Palm Treo 650s were thrown away in scrap because I didn’t follow up. No notification, no consideration to the value it held for me 🙁 The cracked display, scratched body that came after repeated falls from the bike, 000s of old messages from college and a truck load of emotional value, thrown away? Why? Because I was too busy to keep inquiring about it? I can argue that I did my best to get it back, followed up for the first few months, but somewhere in between I lost track… If I loved it, I wouldn’t have lost it, perhaps I didn’t love it enough. Love doesn’t wait, it flows Read More