Love Doesn’t Wait :(

If you love something, go and claim it now
If you ever wished for something, go get it now
If you every had a dream, go achieve it now

Love Doesn’t Wait, Time Flows. All it leaves behind is faded memories. Act now or repent later 🙁

… I write this as I realise that my most precious collection of Palm Treo 650s were thrown away in scrap because I didn’t follow up. No notification, no consideration to the value it held for me 🙁 The cracked display, scratched body that came after repeated falls from the bike, 000s of old messages from college and a truck load of emotional value, thrown away? Why? Because I was too busy to keep inquiring about it? I can argue that I did my best to get it back, followed up for the first few months, but somewhere in between I lost track… If I loved it, I wouldn’t have lost it, perhaps I didn’t love it enough. Love doesn’t wait, it flows

Update: here they are, the last time I saw them before handing them for repairs

Treo 650 Annkur

Update 2: Hey wait a second… I loved my Treo’s enough!  An hour after this incident, the shopkeeper calls back to tell me he has found them. YAY. Rushing to get them back. Thanks for bearing my rants on FB/Twitter for this.


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