Attempt to photograph the Eclipse #tse22

In a bid to get some exclusive and clear pictures / view of the Solar Eclipse we traveled to Surat on 21st Night. After 9 hours of drive and 2 1/2 hours of sleep we were all excited to climb up to the terrace of a 11 storey building in Surat…


We went to the highest point on the terrace entering via a small window.

But weather played a spoil sport… Though we did felt complete darkness of the Eclipse, we missed the sun which was not visible in the cloudy climate. While many of you would term it a #Fail, we are satisfied that we gave this once in a life time opportunity a fair try (with super adventurous driving to Surat over rocky roads and rains). To give you an idea of how dark it became during the eclipse, here is a before and after pic!


Click the image to enlarge

To get such stunning shots (and this aswell), we do need to be a little crazy… I am proud that we (I +@ankeshk @thakkar and @netra) went ahead with this trip!!!

More pics from the pic coming up on my Picasa album

3 thoughts on “Attempt to photograph the Eclipse #tse22

  1. Annkur says

    So we had tripod, 3 cameras, 1 video camera, 10 solar eclipse viewing shades, xray films to use a filter on the camera lense and umbrellas to protect the cameras.

    But the sun played hide n seek …. Better luck next time team!!