Tower Of London, History, Guns, Knights, Canons and Kohinoor Diamond

You already know that I didn’t have much to do during my London stay, but hey, I did go around the museums in town including the Tower Of London. TOL is a historic castle that houses a good number of ancient artifacts, war time stuff and some weird stuff like the ‘accounts book’ pictured below.

I also went hands-on (well almost, just a glass separating us) with the Kohinoor Diamond. Given the hype that diamond is, I spent a few mins trying to get a good view of it, walking wrong way on the moving belt that gives you a glimpse and moves you out of sight. But looking back at the Tower of London visit, the Kohinoor Diamond is not the thing that runs on my mind, it is the Lance pictured below. May be I am not a jewelry person…

Its been a few months and I am almost losing track of what is what, so here is the Tower of London in pictures:

Tower OF London - Annkur UK 1

Remember seeing these in Age of empires series, only here in real life 🙂

Guard at Tower Of London

Real and Serious Guard At The Tower Of London

 One of the buildings at Tower of London

I don’t even remember which building this is, but there are many there. The hot chocolate coffee at the cafeteria inside the Tower Of London is Yummy!

An Accounts Book From The Early 1900s

Yes this is an old age accounts book, no wonder I hate accounts

Dagger And Helmet

Indian Dagger

Trading in the Indian sub-continent, the East India Company had the opportunity to acquire examples of finest Indian workmanship. Helmet and Dagger. Dagger: The blade is decorated with Hindu religious scenes. This side shows Krishna playing a flute! – From the Tower Of London

The regular rifles

When arms and ammunition are on display, how can one miss long rifles

Gun at Tower Of London

And yes this comes froms the 90s, a somewhat modern one between the old antiques at the Tower Of London

Gems, Jewels and Guns

Guns and fancy guns at the Tower of london. The lighting was just too bad for a clear picture, apologies

Another fancy rifle - Tower Of London

A fancy rifle along side the super antique collection of rare weapons. This one is a german make (German Heast Collection) from 1580! believe me, photo does no justice to this

Only Seen In Movies - Tower of london

And last but not the least, straight out of hollywood studios, a real lance!

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