World without Friction?

While covering Taqneeq the fest for OG, I participated in a Contemporary Writing competition. We had to write a short 60 word reply for “Innovative usage of Lie Detector machine” and a long one on “How would the world be if there was no friction, show your creative angle … ?”

For the lie detector I suggested using it to testify people filling their Tax Returns, and for My opinion of World Without Friction here we go:

No friction? It’s hard to imaging the world as if they were slipping on a gigantic piece of Ice. Though Ice-Skating isn’t my hobby, things would have moved really fast without friction. This brings me to the utility aspect of  this scenario. If we could channelize and productively utilize this speed, we could create wonders. Traveling and logistics would have been a breeze (Wow, that would have meant no traffic in Mumbai!).

Even sports events would have been visualized with a completely different vision. Gravity would have ruled  the sports-In my opinion. Much like the games I play on my gravity sensing iPhone (hmm, seems like Steve Jobs had a dream of world without friction a few years back).

And on a lighter note, how about education? Wouldn’t it be great if all our notes slip into our brains without any friction :D. Even businessmen would love transacting their receivables without any friction.

All said, what would you do about the friction that stops you from thinking??

I wasn’t feeling too well and for some reason unable to write, so I was helped by a Taqneeq volunteer who wrote the paper on my behalf (Thank God, my handwriting is horrible as it is).

Just like my college day I was the first one to finish. (I left the hall in 15mins – while the offered duration was 90mins). I could have written more, but I had the boat of humanity to concentrate on 😛

4 thoughts on “World without Friction?

  1. Kanishk Kalra says

    This article is completely uncalled for. This doesn’t make a sense. Poor one…….