What is Creativity??

Its unusual for me to write about something so soon without a long thought, but just today I got into a silly debate defining Creativity… So what is Creativity?

Right from childhood you are taught how to do things, where did you invent something? You only did what you were taught, at most you copied what someone made or may be made some changes to it and claimed it as yours. Thinking that you are an exception just as you read this? Sorry but you might be wrong…

Right from the language you speak to the clothes you wear; you have seen others do it and you do it. So if you wrote a brillant essay (like ‘The world without friction‘) you still used those same words that everyone around you used. You just put them in an order and claimed it as yours. Think that you made a piece of art (like the boat of humanity?); sorry but you have seen a ship, heard of terrorists, heard of humans – You just put them together; whats original in it?

What I am trying to imply over here is that you really need not be a highly artistic or scholar to be Creative. In simple words Creativty is the OPPOSITE OF ROUTINE. Stop following what others say … Do what you like!

Frankly defining creativity is a very subjective thing and I am not going to do any significant research in finding out what second-handers think Creativity is. Creativity is to Create. For me this means to do something that you feel is right, to make something that you can visualise and to do something on your OWN! To put it simple …


Credits to KD (Dadi) for this brillant image and thought!

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