What superhero do you resemble? Your personality traits tell!

Well well, I wouldn’t have noted this here if it wasn’t so good. This new website that I have found is amazing. It asks you some questions about yourself and then it gives you a small chart showing which superheros do you resemble.

I just tried it and I am a 80% Green Lantern, 75% HULK (you bet for being short tempered), 70% Spiderman (this was probably for being bad with gals), and 60% Batman (for gadgets I guess).

And if you were wondering what SuperVillan I resemble it is Green Goblin and The Joker (though the compatibility ratios were below 50% for both of them, probably because I answered all violence and theft related questions negatively :(). And no points for guessing I like the colour Green 🙂

Here is the list of SuperHeros –

I am green lantern

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My Winter Shopping List!


Ok ppl, Rains are almost over and here is my shopping list for the Winters

  • A new Jacket – I have a Ferrari Jacket which I really love. I still don’t belive it that MY MOM bought it for me while we were out shopping for something totally different (Never in my wildest dreams I can imagine her allowing me to get something fashionable costing that much). But It has been very close to my heart since over 3 years. Just recently I reduced some weight to fit in that Jacket better … But its Old now, A Zip chain has a small break (though it functions perfectly) – thx to an asshole who has to pull it so hard that it damaged the chain … I really hate you for that Ibby! And also since it has now been autographed by John Abraham (no not the actor, the BIKER!), I would like to preserve it. So hunting for a new one, has to be good and something that I can regularly wear during my Night Rides in the Cold.
  • New glares – I have spent royally on these… I have had a DIOR, CK, Carrera (ah i loved this) and FastTrack  when it launched. Currently I just have those black FastTrack aviators that Titan (Johnny) Gifted me during the dirt biking contest. But I want a light shade for the winters … preferrably Blue!
  • I want to buy a Guitar 🙂 – No I don’t know how to play it, but I WILL LEARN. And maybe a Violin after sometime…
  • My birthday is coming up this January. And after a lot of years I am in Mood to celebrate it. So I really wish to have a NEW BIKE then… Maybe a R15 or something else … Lets see! Not sure on this one.

Your suggestions welcome below…

Nischay Blood donation camp concluded and My myth broken…


First of all, Swatantra divas ki subhkamnae – Jai Hind. Nischay just completed its Blood Donation Drive at Goregaon and this event refreshed my memories of event mgmt.

For some reason today morning I had a bad feeling, its the same feeling I had while entering the examination hall in school days when I wasn’t fully prepared. It was OK then, but here at Nischay this is a really sad feeling to have – We hadn’t had enough time to prepare and promote the event and add to that the rains over the past week. Also the fact that Nischay team not being at full strength (though there was no shortage of volunteers); just to be sure we I had been requesting friends to come over to join us. Certainly a wrong approach! The strength is Nischay is its members, and they have come and joined us all out of their own WILL, they all have that push from within thus are self motivated! They don’t need to be forced into a event, we are a family…!

We collected over 18 ltrs of blood, and I finally managed to donate blood for the first time. Though a little nervous, but I was up and running around within minutes – Much faster than expected. All Nischay members donated blood as well.

One thing we are proud of is that, We managed to get a lot of ‘FIRST TIME DONORS’. Right when the event was planned, the vision Nischay has was to Encourage youngsters to donate (Mostly the ones who have just turned 18, or the ones who haven’t had the opportunity before). And this is v frankly, a difficult task! Many of them fear Blood Donation (Y? i dunno), yet we managed to complete our target assured to the Blood Bank (Meenatai Thacakerey Blood Bank, Goregaon).

One thing I am extremely DISAPPOINTED about was the fact that none of my friends turned up. I was expecting as many as 12 of them! So while most Nischay members had tonnes of friends showing up to support the cause, I felt kinda alone (probably more to do with with my Main Aisa Hi Hu factor)… But its great to be here at Nischay and I have been lucky to make some really dedicated and honest friends here.

The day started with V heavy rains early morning and Myself, Sachin and Avinash were delayed a little. But yet we all managed to reach well before 8Am (the reporting time for all members), though we had planned to meet at 7.15Am to be better prepared… as it is none of us get sleep that easy on the eve of any event. Its a lot of hard work, takes a lot of sacrifices and frankly is a TASK for Dedicated and committed people.

Another of my MYTH’s was broken and I turned out to be a B+  bood group instead of B- (negative). Disappointed again! If you are asking y? then I should inform you that B+ is probably the most common blood group while B- is one of the RAREST. I was hoping to contribute to the RARE groups…!

On a very personal note, I am getting back to work after a long break and this time things are worse to start with than every before. I have just taken over a old family company (Kratee E-commerce and Consulting Ltd) as the Director of E-commerce and tough times lie ahead. Certainly the time which would decide if I make a career out of my passion (internet and technology) or its a Failure after 6.5 years of involvement.

The Nischay Orkut Community

Nischay Temporary Website

About Nischay:

Nischay is a group of youngsters in Mumbai who are committed to investing their free time “For a cause”. So be it, a entertainment program for mentally challenged kids, a day at an old age home or blood donation. We are here to make a difference. The groups is funded by the members itself by. If you would like to join Nischay, feel free to call / sms / email me.

Hour long Inspirational Video

“When people are telling you where you are going wrong, they have hopes from you… This is a good sign. When they stop telling it, then the situation is scary … They have GIVEN UP on you!”

“Experience is what you got, when you didn’t get what you wanted”

“Nobody is all evil … Just keep looking, you will see their good side”

This video is really LONG. IF you are out of time (I bet you are), then jump over to the other Inspirational Video of Steve jobs (Which actually will be a little more easy to understand for you).

And if you really watched this video, or even if you didn’t here is the Wiki Page of Randy Pausch…! Cheers

Featured in this months One India One People Magazine

Hi Friends

I just received the copy of One India One People Magazine which features my article on ‘Gizmos in India: 2008’ as one of the Cover Stories. See here

Though I wouldn’t be able to publish the original article on any of my sites (OG, IP or here) but the article speaks about the changing trends in technology. From the time when we used to wait for our friends or relatives to get the latest gadgets from Dubai to today where the latest in Technology is released in India along with the global launch.  Also is a short review of the gizmos we will see in India this year, the iPhone 3G, Asus EEE, SE Xperia, and the Yamaha R15 … !

Will try to post a scanned copy of the same soon… Till then check out One India One People



Multitasking: A lesson I guess learnt in time!

I have always chewed more than what I can bite… And this has perhaps hurt me more than anything else in life. And in the last few months I am working hard to get back the FOCUS.

So what exactly is wrong with Multitasking? It is good… yes it is, but even your PC hangs while doing it. You are just a human! One needs to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time. Don’t mistake this as a NO to do many things, but One after the other. Thats the approach. Think, Plan but don’t disturb yourself with too many things at once!

In 2005, the BBC reported on a research study, funded by Hewlett-Packard and conducted by the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London, that found, “Workers distracted by e-mail and phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers.”

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Some hi-tech Pranks :)

Geek pranks are nasty and here are a few simple ones:

1. Old is gold ‘Disappearing Desktop’: This ones is tried and tested, though many know abou this one, its still good for many. Here is how we go about it; minimize all windows on the desktop and ht ‘Print Screen – PrtScn’. Now save this desktop image (maybe after pasting it in paint) and set it as the desktop background. Now hide all desktop icons (put them in some folder) and watch the unsuspecting user trying to click non existent icons. A good variation is to leave open a Notepad file on the right end of the desktop before taking the screenshot. This will make the person go crazy trying to close a non existent notepad.

2. Extra mouse: So planning to be a little naughty @ your office? You can really make life hell for your co-workers.  Just plug a second USB mouse to your co-workers system and pull it at your end. Now ocassionally control his mouse (probably when he is not doing something / or even when he is doing something) and launch random applications. Would be really fun seeing him figure out how the mouse is behaving on its own…

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