I have quit my job!

Over the past year friends and family have been asking me what am I doing? And I always managed to escape with some excuse. Often telling things that I was doing years back. However the fact remains that I worked in a very secretive environment.

Last year I was approached by a rather unusual startup. What they did is secondary; but the point it was that none of us were ever allowed to reveal about our work, our team members or any other details. Yeah creepy, but it was the nature of business that required us to do so.

When I first heard the idea I said it to them “This wont work”! But the work they had already done and the money promised was too much to resist. It was challenging. And I sure did live up to the task. Being one of the top performers in the 17 member team; I find myself to be a changed person now. Annkur@2007 was way too different than Annkur@today! And this change prompted me to QUIT without spending even a day more working for those SICK B*&%&^*!

So what is this organization about?

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My Favourites


There is loads that I want to write and share; but I would be going slow henceforth. Also apologies for making some posts private, they shouldn’t have been here in the first place (maybe)…

Here are some of my personal favourites:

Additionally you can see the Humour and Picture tags!

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Shopping with Mom

After ages I went shopping with my Mom. Was real fun and some new experiences:

  • Sales girls treat you as kid
  • You are 2x more confused on what to buy
  • The importance of Price Tag goes up by 2x
  • If you are lucky you get some cool things (Read: Expensive) – aka Affordability increases by 4x (you must know how to get them though!)
  • You cannot really stare at those revealing posters at the SpyKar outlet 😛
  • Every fourth line you speak is edited before words come out of your mouth – Yes the beepsssss – Though I slipped a couple of times 😛

And lastly you end up buying some really good stuff…

Ankur’s Friend Matrix!

So how many friends do you have? I keep asking myself whenever I reshuffle my Friend Matrix. No its not a box where I keep my friends, it’s a passive mental note of who stands where in my life.

So let’s understand this Friend Matrix? While each friend is special and have their own place in my heart, for illustration purpose I shall roughly categorize them in 4 sections (again, just for illustration) – See the images.

What you see above is a simple box with the 4 categories. A / B /C / D. Each of them signify something:

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ok My CAT Score

Ladies and Gentlemen (also not too gentle ones) – I still don’t know if its good or bad. And frankly I DONT CARE! But my CAT Score is 60 i.e 76.56 Percentile. Here is the breakup:

Quantitative 1.00 (out of 100) Percentile=20

Logic & Data Interpretation 20.00 (out of 96) Percentile=69.39

Verbal 39.00 (out of 160) Percentile=90.40

And If you are wondering why some of my friends want to kill me for managing even this READ HERE

2009 – As I turn a year older

SMSes are flowing, the phone is ringing and I am tired. I don’t remember after how many years I had the opportunity to cut a cake at midnight, but its a good feeling to be surrounded by close friends and family.

Its a new year and time for some new resolutions. But this year the approach is different. I have realised that you cannot plan exactly what you want to do in a year. Things happen, they fall into place. Let it happen! Look back at the year that has passed and see the good things you achieved; realise the mistakes you made and prepare yourself for the year ahead!

Going back a week, its been really hectic. We worked hard on our publications and geared up for a couple of new launches (Announcements on OnlyGizmos soon). Ever since we launched iPhoneHelp last year on my birthday (it was just a coincidence and a non serious venture) it has grown significantly. Making me think a little auspiciously about this day. And thus I take the opportunity today to launch a couple of new sites on the OG Network.

Though I am not in the best of the condition at the moment, in office, tired with the ligament injury on the ankle since a month now and fighting the recession :P. Hoping that all my friends have a great 2009 ahead …

Thank you for all the love, care and encouragement everyone. Lets make 2009 even better 🙂

My Winter Shopping List!


Ok ppl, Rains are almost over and here is my shopping list for the Winters

  • A new Jacket – I have a Ferrari Jacket which I really love. I still don’t belive it that MY MOM bought it for me while we were out shopping for something totally different (Never in my wildest dreams I can imagine her allowing me to get something fashionable costing that much). But It has been very close to my heart since over 3 years. Just recently I reduced some weight to fit in that Jacket better … But its Old now, A Zip chain has a small break (though it functions perfectly) – thx to an asshole who has to pull it so hard that it damaged the chain … I really hate you for that Ibby! And also since it has now been autographed by John Abraham (no not the actor, the BIKER!), I would like to preserve it. So hunting for a new one, has to be good and something that I can regularly wear during my Night Rides in the Cold.
  • New glares – I have spent royally on these… I have had a DIOR, CK, Carrera (ah i loved this) and FastTrack  when it launched. Currently I just have those black FastTrack aviators that Titan (Johnny) Gifted me during the dirt biking contest. But I want a light shade for the winters … preferrably Blue!
  • I want to buy a Guitar 🙂 – No I don’t know how to play it, but I WILL LEARN. And maybe a Violin after sometime…
  • My birthday is coming up this January. And after a lot of years I am in Mood to celebrate it. So I really wish to have a NEW BIKE then… Maybe a R15 or something else … Lets see! Not sure on this one.

Your suggestions welcome below…