Introducing: Ariginals – My Writings / My Views

Ariginals are Annkur Originals; these are my writings, my views, my thoughts … May not be perfect or world class … Am no great philosopher – But I like to write. So presenting the first few Ariginals:

1) Life is a ‘tug of war’ between truth and facts. Your Fact is your truth and my fact is my truth Now when facts differ. truth differs and that’s where the mother of all problems arises !! But what prevails is the actual Truth and Fact (that everyone sees in a different light )…

2) Human brain is the most outstanding thing, actually its the most dreadful criminal in itself. It makes you do things based on your perceptions and acts on the reflexes of past, yet it helps you convince yourself that you are fresh every morning, sacred and free from all that has happened in the past !!

The next one is what I actually scripted and wrote in my TYBMS Final Exam:

3) Entrepreneurs are the riders of Storm who venture out into troubled waters to bring glory to their land!

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